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It’s Been 6 Months!

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Julie has been home from Haiti for 6 months now!  I can’t believe it…it just doesn’t seem that long! There has been lots of progress…lots of new things learned.  Her language skills are just exploding! We get our chuckles out of her sentences…”I love to wear barefoot” and ” I’m gonna need more ketchup”.  Some are still half English and half Creole.  She is riding her bike with training wheels.  6 months ago she had absolutely no concept of how to pedal.  Her favorite food is Ranch dressing! And in the order of her day a popsicle always needs to  follow a nap.  She still isn’t sitting very nice in Church. She loves jumping off the coffee table. The relationship she has with our 7 year old daughter is a beauty to behold!  We have another appointment scheduled with the adoption lawyer this week.  Hopefully the adoption process will soon be completed.  We managed to get a travel document and traveled to Canada to visit relatives for 10 days.  Julie did very good with the 14 hour drive.  We had brought ear plugs along in case she’d be screaming.  She really enjoyed playing with the earplugs and sticking them in her own ears.  Kept her busy quite a while until she started eating them…that’s when Mommy intervened.  She also made quite a few calls on her play cell phone.  We stopped for lunch in Nebraska at her little friend Conleigh’s house.  They were in the same Orphanage and came to Miami together on the plane.  They played nicely together.  3-year olds are FUN!

Happy Birthday Julie!

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She’s three today!  Made a Sunshine Bear cake for her.  Grandpa and Grandma Wiebe and some of the aunts and uncles and cousins will come celebrate with us.  We bought her a new red wagon!  Julie’s taking her nap now so should be nice and cheerful for tonight.  When the nurse at the clinic today asked her how old she was she said, “Seven.”

500 Batches of Cheese and 4 Months Home

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Tonight we are hosting a picnic in the park for all our past and present cheese business employees and their families and our present dairy help.  The reason being that we have now made 500 batches of cheese since we began in the kitchen about 10 years ago! We’re expecting about 65 people all bringing food and lawn chairs! Should be a fun time!

Today is also 4 months ago that we met our little Julie for the first time in Miami, FL.  She is now very much at home with us and an interesting addition to our family.  The swimming pool (stock tank) in the back yard has been a favorite spot the last 2 weeks.  And yes, Julie loves the water!  She had a bit too much pop and candy at the Memorial Day activities at the Antique Engine Show in Lehigh, KS and we were not sure she would ever relax and go to sleep that night! Tomorrow is her first trip to a zoo so we’ll see how that goes. And next week is her 3rd birthday and we’re so glad she is home with us to celebrate!

Three Months Already!

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Our little Julie has been home now 3 months.  Things are going really well.  She’s potty trained except for the night.  A great delight is running after the cats with a stick and yelling.  Or the sticks work well on a tree stump like a drum.  She was pounding that stump and singing loudly! Still loves her milk…good thing she landed up on a dairy farm. This week she was also rescued from a mud puddle.  Screaming like she was dying and the mud squishing up between her toes.  So Mama carried her in to the tub and did a clean up job…don’t believe she learned her lesson though.  Later in the day she was hauled in by big sister and this time it took a complete bath and change of clothes to take care of the mud. Julie is also doing a lot more talking.  Lots of words and quite a few short sentences.  A mixture of English and Creole.  She is quite a noisy, joyful child and the noise level has increased considerably around here since she arrived.  The first ten days of silence are now a distant memory! We are also working with a lawyer on trying to complete her adoption. Grandpa and Grandma from Canada are making plans to come this week to meet her for the first time!  That will be fun!

Home One Month

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We have reached the milestone of having Julie home with us for one month.  She is  a totally different girl than the quiet, exhausted child we brought home.  Away from home she is still very quiet and clingy. At home she is a little Tigger.  She is talking, laughing and singing.  She goes skipping and hopping through the house…and our hearts!  She was helping her big brother put wash in the dryer and I said to her, “Julie, are you helping Benji?” She folded her hands in front, smiled a big smile and gave 3 hops! She loves to play with little dishes and dolls. Also going outside is something she wants to do every day but is still abit leary of the dog and cats.  Nothing is as much fun as jumping on the bed! There are still some tantrums but much shorter and less frequent.  All in all I would say there has been a lot of progress and she is making herself right at home!

Making Progress

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By now Julie is relaxing a bit and eating again and smiling.  I still have not had the oppurtunity to hear her talk but last night after she was in bed with her new big sister, the new big sister came bounding down the stairs saying, “Julie is whispering and talking!” She was saying, “quack, quack.” Daddy and Mommy quietly tiptoed up and stood by the door listening but no more sounds from her.  Today she had a book and it sounded like she was pretending to read but I was out grilling chicken and missed that one too.  But at least she is smiling, eating and generally feeling alot better. And the house is not in quite such an uproar anymore either. We’re having fun!

She’s HOME!!!

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Thursday morning we went to the Children’s Home where the children were sheltered and got to meet and hold our precious Julie. They didn’t release us til about 2:30 in the afternoon. It took an hour and a half til we got a smile out of her and later a giggle or two but since then with the plane rides home and all she is very traumatized and will not smile or talk but loves to be held and looks at books and has been playing some while sitting on the couch.  We have not heard her say one word except in her sleep she said “oi “. She has slept and slept and slept some more. She had not slept for 2 days before she left Haiti so she is catching up now. She had a meltdown on the last flight but luckily it didn’t last more than 10 minutes or so. We got home very late last night and  most of us ended up crashing out in the livingroom for the night. Julie has got the “runs” and no appetite so hope that clears up once she relaxes. We’ll be visiting the Dr. on Monday. The house is a mess and my muscles are sore from carrying her but we are happy and so thankful for the miracle of her homecoming!

We’re Coming, Julie

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We are soon going to be leaving the motel, so there may be no more postings for a while.  They told us to come at 9:00, but playtime with the children starts at 10:00.  We are to meet in the conference room first to see if they need anymore paperwork or for anything they need to tell us.

We are getting excited…

Sheri says she slept great until 6:00 but her first thought was that today she could be with Julie and after that all sleep fled!

We don’t know yet when they will release her and we are free to go. We are hoping to go back with folks to Sarasota and then fly home from there.  We sure are glad they are here with us.

On U.S. Soil

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Julie arrived in Miami on a plane with about 39 children, and another plane (if we understood right) arrived with about 48 children.  Melinda called us at about 8:00 pm and told us that she was still in customs with all the children, and Julie fell asleep before landing and was carried off the plane sleeping and was still sleeping in a Red Cross worker’s arms.   At a little after 3:00pm today we arrived at Miami airport, and spent a couple hours there on couches with drinks and snacks and a few other expectant parents there also.  The officials there did not want to believe us that a plane was coming in, they claimed they knew nothing about it.  But we had heard from Melinda at about 1:00 pm that she was on the way to get on the airplane, with all the children and documents, and at about 1:15 we got a call from Melinda’s friend that stayed in Haiti and she told us that Melinda was on the airplane and it had just left.  By the time we left the Miami airport, they had a paper that said that Julie was on a flight, but that the flight was going to Orland-Sanford airport.  So that’s why it took so long to get to Miami, they went to Orlando first.  The children will all get to a children’s home here in Miami, where they will be bathed, served supper, and spend the night while officials continue to do paper work, which we submitted to them before leaving to go to a motel for night.  We are told that we can be back there at about 9:00 am and soon get to be with the children and play with them, etc., until each child gets cleared to leave with their parents.

We are spending the night in a motel, ANXIOUSLY AWAITING going in the A.M. to see our girl for the first time…

Going crazy, and to Florida!!

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Once again we are waiting, but we decided to do some of our waiting in Florida!! 
Yesterday our hopes got up, since they flew the first plane of children out of Haiti since last week.  Julie’s name was not on the first list of children to fly, and were hoping that she would fly shortly on the next flight, then found out that the embassy didn’t have the background criminal checks (which had been sent in Jan 18).  So we all sent this information in to all the government email addresses having to do with the Haitian adoption process, also we contacted our Senator’s Aide and she sent it to 3 places also, so we hope they have it now!!!!  Now this morning we talked to Melinda twice, and she was told at the embassy that the Prime Minister left for the weekend so they didn’t expect anything to happen till Monday, and she could return to the US Embassy with the children on Monday.  She told us that the three children are soooo tired, so she will leave them at the orphanage on Sunday, and she will go to the embassy to see if there is any news, and then return with the children on Monday.  She said that as far as the lady at the embassy could tell, our Julie was to be on the next flight out of Haiti.  But of course, we realize that it may not happen on Monday, but we are planning to go to Sarasota, FL, and spend some time with my (Jason’s) folks and be closer to whichever airport they fly into.  We usually find news from Melinda about noon to 2:00 and that would be very short notice to get a flight to Florida the same day, so we decided to fly Sunday to Florida.  We might be crazy, but there is a reason!!
Keep praying, it’s not an easy job to get a child home from Haiti…