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Haiti Adoption Update

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Today I talked with the an aide of Senator Sam Brownback about the possibility of the adoption of our girl in Haiti happening quicker because of the tragic earthquake in Haiti.  The aid told me that if our paperwork was through the IBESR, we would have our girl (to be) home in a few days.  But we have never heard yet that we are out of IBESR, and the aid could not tell me how soon it would be till we would get her home, but she was sure that it would be quicker than usual.  (it usually takes about 4 months if all goes well, after exiting IBESR, to having your child home)  The aid thought that she would have more information for us tomorrow.  She did take down the name and birthdate of my wife and I and also our girl (to be) in Haiti.


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Our small town of Durham is just getting over the worst flood that I have witnessed in my lifetime. (I’m 37.) 

I left with a load of cheese for Kansas City on Wednesday the 23rd of April at about 9:30 AM and within ten miles of home drove thru pouring rain.  On my return trip I drove thru heavy rain in the same area.  The river was over the bridge by our house, but we usually can get home other ways.  However they were all flooded too.  After waiting about an hour I got thru to within a mile from home. 

Then I called home and had my hired man come thru the water with our loader so I could go home.  After doing a few chores I went back to Durham and helped prepare for flooding.  Only one street close to the river is low enough to flood.   With all the help that showed up and sandbagging and moving things to higher shelves there was very little damage although there were several feet of water on main street. 

Our dairy farm is high enough we don’t have to worry about flooding here, but I was glad that by next morning milking time things had returned to pretty much normal and the milker was able to get here to milk in the morning, because on a dairy farm the COWS MUST BE MILKED…


Makes me smile

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Here’s one that made my day…a call from a friend we’ve never met.  A cheese customer from the deep South with a wonderfully Southern accent.  “Honey, we’re addicted to your Cheese Curds! God Bless You!”  To our other friends we  haven’t met…keep eating cheese!
Jason Wiebe

Back from vacation

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We are back from Christmas vacation in Canada with Sheri’s folks and family. We enjoyed our time with them very much, we hadn’t seen Sheri’s folks for two years, so we had a little “catching up” to do.

Now we are home again and getting back in the groove. We are low on cheese in our cooler right now, and we have 8 orders to fill, which is about 1250 lbs total, so we need to make cheese… keep eating Kansas cheese!!

Christmas Greetings

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Christmas greetings from Jason Wiebe Dairy. We are very happy to have electricity after being out of it for 6 days after the ice storm on Dec 11.

We lost electricity at about 7:00 am Tuesday, but we were ready with our backup generator on our tractor so we used that to keep milking cows. On Sunday our generator needed some repairs so I contacted our local equipment dealer for some parts and he opened his store twice for me on Sunday to get repair parts for the generator, which I fixed after we had a church service in our school building (our school building was powered by a Honda generator which was loaned to us to use).

Then on Monday morning our generator gave out and I called around to find a place to fix it, but no luck, all repair places around were completely booked for weeks fixing generators. Then I heard our local electric company truck was in the area and so I tracked him down and talked to him. He thought we had power already so he said he would soon come and talk to me at our place. I went home and in about 20 minutes our power came on (Monday 1:07 pm). He had found a blown fuse on the line which couldn’t easily be seen and fixed it.

Now I am taking our generator in to get fixed so next time we lose power we are ready.


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This is where Jason and Sheri will enter journal/blog entries about their dairy farm or cheese business, or personal interests!  It could be anything that they think relates to the story of their endeavors.

 I’m sure Jason and Sheri will have many good ideas to share with the web world.