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A2A2 update

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We have been growing our herd of a2a2 cows.  It is a very slow process as you can’t change what kind of DNA is in an animal, you can only slowly change her offspring.  In some cows it takes several generations to get them to a2a2.  So our milk is getting more of the milk produced by cows with the a2 gene.  As always, we love to hear your comments!!

Spring is here!!

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Spring is here and there are plants starting to grow in our fields.  We farm using no-till and cover crops to improve our soils and conserve them.  I love seeing earth worms and insects coming back to our soil in greater numbers than when we didn’t use no-till and cover crops. I believe that healthy soils grow more healthy plants which make for more healthy cows which produces more healthy milk to be used in our cheese which would make it more healthy for our customers and consumers.

NON-GMO feed for our dairy?

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Currently some of our feed is GMO.  We are considering going GMO free, but the cost will be significant, and our cheese price would need to go up possibly  $0.75 to $1 per lb.  Please leave comments or email us directly if you would feel that would be worth it to you, our customers.  Also let us know if you are a current customer, or would you be a customer if we didn’t feed any feed that contained GMO’s.