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Cheese Contest Results

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At the World Cheese Championship Cheese Contest held last week in Wisconsin, our Cottonwood River Cheddar Reserve scored 98.55 points. We are pleased with the results, even though we didn’t get into the top three. This contest has cheese from all over the world, and I find it very interesting that an entry from a cheese maker in the United States hasn’t taken the Grand Championship in over 20 years!! We continually work to improve our cheese, so maybe some day…

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  1. Stephen Macek

    Mr. Wiebe,

    My French girlfriend, Mireille, and I bought a sample size of Cottonwood River Cheddar today at our local Heinen’s grocery store. Heinen’s has“just enough” size samples to allow customers to purchase premium cheeses they might other not try purchase due to price.

    Well, we had your cheese for desert after dinner and all can say is it was outstanding. Delicious and quite satisfying with a glass of dry white wine. Thank you for producing this fine cheese. Simply can’t tell you how much we both enjoyed it.

    Take care and be safe.

    Stephen Macek

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