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  1. Josh martin

    Hello Mr. Wiebe how are things goin up your way? Things are goin pretty good down here. Jedakiah is growin like a weed. The ponds are bone dry we got two inches of rain yesterday and the puddles are already gone. I wish I could say I got 20 springing heifers right now but I fell short and only got 16. But I also got 1 short bred 4 yearlings 2 6 month olds and 2 weaned babies.. And no debt!!! I’m trying to find more springers but either people want way to much for them or their not the quality I am looking for. Anywho. I guess I will quit rambling. You should call me the next time your down so we can go eat dinner or something.. Just in case you misplaced my number it is 918 530 2558.. Take care

  2. JC

    I just wanted to tell you…
    I found your raw milk cheese at Vogts today and am very excited! What a great discovery! Do you sell raw milk?

  3. Jill

    Hello Jason,
    Are your cows A2A2 milk producers? Your cheese is wonderful but I made the mistake of not checking if you only use A2A2 milk.

    Appreciate your response.



  4. Ken Wasinger

    We were introduced to your reserve cheddar at the Limestone Pizza restaurant in Lawrence KS and have ordered it every time we’ve been there. Great pizza and great Cottonwood cheese.

    Ken W

  5. Kim F

    Bought your Raw Milk Mild Chedder at Heritage Meats in Leioti, KS. It is some of the best tasting cheese we have ever had. Give it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. We also bought 2 other flavors and I’m sure they will be just a tasty!

  6. Kim

    Do you have a store at your farm for purchasing your cheeses? Do you have cheese from strictly grass-fed cows, goats, sheep?

    Thank you

  7. patricia probst

    i just had to post how good your cheese is, i sent some to my daughter and son-in-law last year for christmas and she just now open your garden cheese to taste. it stayed in her fridge for a year wrap in just your packaging and informed me how good it tasted, it aged well

  8. Benji

    That does sound good! We don’t age our flavored cheeses very long, but as you found out, they just get better when aged some more!

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