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Grazing All Our Cows

Posted on by Jason
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We are grazing ALL our milk cows starting yesterday.  We don’t know how long that we’ll be able to graze as the weather is getting cooler and the crop grows very slow.  It will go dormant sometime when the weather gets cold enough, and then we won’t have any thing to graze our cows on so we will go back to giving them all they can eat of a mixed forage and grain diet.  We always try to feed as much forage (alfalfa hay and corn silage) as we can, to keep the cows very healthy.


  1. Josh Martin

    Jason, How are you on this nice cold rainy day? Sorry I wasnt able to get back up there to see you.. I got layed off and started on a high line job down here. I guess everything happens for a reason.. I see you are starting grazing.. What are you grazing them on? are you still going to put them in the free-stall barn at night and feed TMR? Just curious…you can comment me back on here if you want.. its hard for me to get my email on my phone but i can get your site from my phone.. Keep in touch… Josh

  2. Jason

    Hi, Josh. We are grazing them on Triticale with radishes mixed in. They don’t eat too many radishes, they are in there to aerate the soil and bring nitrogen up for the triticale next spring. We feed them tmr as much as they’ll eat and they are only penned in the freestall barn at milking time for a short time, otherwise they come and go as they like. They usually come in the freestall barn a couple times to eat between milkings.
    Hope things are well with you!!

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