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Second time over the Triticale

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Yesterday we started the second time over on the 60 acres of triticale that we have for them to graze.  It had regrown just enough that they have some very tasty eating…

Grazing All Our Cows

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We are grazing ALL our milk cows starting yesterday.  We don’t know how long that we’ll be able to graze as the weather is getting cooler and the crop grows very slow.  It will go dormant sometime when the weather gets cold enough, and then we won’t have any thing to graze our cows on so we will go back to giving them all they can eat of a mixed forage and grain diet.  We always try to feed as much forage (alfalfa hay and corn silage) as we can, to keep the cows very healthy.

Cows Grazing on Pasture

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We are trying something with our cows again which we tried a few years ago, and that is grazing some of our milk cows on pasture.  The pasture has triticale and radishes growing in it.  We give them a new area to eat about every 12 hours.  We have been doing it since about the middle of October, and so far it has worked well.  The cheese we make from this milk may have a bit more color to it, but it will probably not be noticeable.  We will see how long the weather cooperates so the cows have something to eat.