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You’ve Been With Us One Year, Baby!

Posted on by Sheri
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Well, she doesn’t like to be called Baby, but, she IS the baby of the family!  And the way 3 year olds are…sometimes they are BIG and can do it MYSELF and sometimes the are too small to do what you want them to do.  And they still like to be rocked and carried around on Mommy’s hip.

1 year ago we went to Miami and met our little Haitian baby for the first time.  We loved her but had almost no idea what she was really like.  We know alot more by now.  She loves to sing and has learned a dozen songs since she’s home.  She loves to talk but acts like she absolutely has forgotten every word of Creole. It’s totally amazing how many English words she has learned.  She loves to eat, especially what she calls “sandwiches” which is a piece of bread cut in half with butter in the middle. She’s sassy and bossy and noisy and… She’s a sweet heart.  One year has flown by and we look forward to another year with her with joy!


  1. Stephanie

    Happy 1 year anniversary!! What a happy post. Rejoicing with you!!


    I remember when we first moved here to work for the dairy nearly 9 years ago. Jason toted her on his hip everywhere. She was such a daddy’s girl. Now here it is 2019 and shes still an independent young lady. Waving and smiling every time I pull into the dairy. We have really enjoyed being part of the dairy family and watching your children grow.

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