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She’s Really and Truly Ours!

Posted on by Sheri
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Today was a special day…one we have been awaiting for quite some time.  The Final Adoption of our little Julie from Haiti.  The court session was at 1:15 with quite a number of our faithful friends and relations attending.  We thank each one of them for sharing in our special time.  Even though Julie has been with us for 7 months there is something very special about knowing she is now a “Wiebe“!  Celebrated the occasion with stopping at The Scoop for ice cream before taking our other 3 children back to school.  Tomorrow for supper Grandpa and Grandma and some of the Uncles and Aunts and cousins will join us for supper in celebration.


  1. becky giesbrecht

    How wonderful! So happy for you:)

    Love, Becky

  2. yolanda reyes

    I pray that all Holdemans that adopt realize that us adopted ones, do not have holdeman genes or even whiteman genetics. we have our own and need to be respected for what we are;not we are not.

  3. Sheri - Blog Owner

    In addition to the comment by Yolanda. I might add that I was adopted into a Holdeman Mennonite family as an infant. I will be forever grateful to my parents and siblings for loving me as their very own and teaching me about the love of God.

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