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No More Hayshed!

Posted on by Sheri
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This post is a bit overdue.  A week ago Saturday morning at 2:00 A.M. Jason made a trip to the bathroom and on returning to the bedroom he noticed a rosy glow outside the window.  Upon open the curtains he exclaimed, “Oh, my goodness, the hay shed is on fire!!!”  And so it was. Totally engulfed in flames.  We called the fire department but just let the fire burn. Lost about 100 round bales, some alfalfa and some hay.  The hay is the greater loss as far as the bales and hay shed are concerned.  Many friends arrived to stand around in the night with us as we listened to the crackling of the fire.  Luckily there was almost no breeze that night so there was not much as far as embers blowing around.  It was really smoky in the house and worse in the milking parlor for a number of days.  That’s a little more excitement than most of us wish for!

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