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It’s Been 6 Months!

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Julie has been home from Haiti for 6 months now!  I can’t believe it…it just doesn’t seem that long! There has been lots of progress…lots of new things learned.  Her language skills are just exploding! We get our chuckles out of her sentences…”I love to wear barefoot” and ” I’m gonna need more ketchup”.  Some are still half English and half Creole.  She is riding her bike with training wheels.  6 months ago she had absolutely no concept of how to pedal.  Her favorite food is Ranch dressing! And in the order of her day a popsicle always needs to  follow a nap.  She still isn’t sitting very nice in Church. She loves jumping off the coffee table. The relationship she has with our 7 year old daughter is a beauty to behold!  We have another appointment scheduled with the adoption lawyer this week.  Hopefully the adoption process will soon be completed.  We managed to get a travel document and traveled to Canada to visit relatives for 10 days.  Julie did very good with the 14 hour drive.  We had brought ear plugs along in case she’d be screaming.  She really enjoyed playing with the earplugs and sticking them in her own ears.  Kept her busy quite a while until she started eating them…that’s when Mommy intervened.  She also made quite a few calls on her play cell phone.  We stopped for lunch in Nebraska at her little friend Conleigh’s house.  They were in the same Orphanage and came to Miami together on the plane.  They played nicely together.  3-year olds are FUN!

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