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Happy Birthday Julie!

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She’s three today!  Made a Sunshine Bear cake for her.  Grandpa and Grandma Wiebe and some of the aunts and uncles and cousins will come celebrate with us.  We bought her a new red wagon!  Julie’s taking her nap now so should be nice and cheerful for tonight.  When the nurse at the clinic today asked her how old she was she said, “Seven.”

500 Batches of Cheese and 4 Months Home

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Tonight we are hosting a picnic in the park for all our past and present cheese business employees and their families and our present dairy help.  The reason being that we have now made 500 batches of cheese since we began in the kitchen about 10 years ago! We’re expecting about 65 people all bringing food and lawn chairs! Should be a fun time!

Today is also 4 months ago that we met our little Julie for the first time in Miami, FL.  She is now very much at home with us and an interesting addition to our family.  The swimming pool (stock tank) in the back yard has been a favorite spot the last 2 weeks.  And yes, Julie loves the water!  She had a bit too much pop and candy at the Memorial Day activities at the Antique Engine Show in Lehigh, KS and we were not sure she would ever relax and go to sleep that night! Tomorrow is her first trip to a zoo so we’ll see how that goes. And next week is her 3rd birthday and we’re so glad she is home with us to celebrate!