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Three Months Already!

Posted on by Sheri
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Our little Julie has been home now 3 months.  Things are going really well.  She’s potty trained except for the night.  A great delight is running after the cats with a stick and yelling.  Or the sticks work well on a tree stump like a drum.  She was pounding that stump and singing loudly! Still loves her milk…good thing she landed up on a dairy farm. This week she was also rescued from a mud puddle.  Screaming like she was dying and the mud squishing up between her toes.  So Mama carried her in to the tub and did a clean up job…don’t believe she learned her lesson though.  Later in the day she was hauled in by big sister and this time it took a complete bath and change of clothes to take care of the mud. Julie is also doing a lot more talking.  Lots of words and quite a few short sentences.  A mixture of English and Creole.  She is quite a noisy, joyful child and the noise level has increased considerably around here since she arrived.  The first ten days of silence are now a distant memory! We are also working with a lawyer on trying to complete her adoption. Grandpa and Grandma from Canada are making plans to come this week to meet her for the first time!  That will be fun!