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Home One Month

Posted on by Sheri
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We have reached the milestone of having Julie home with us for one month.  She is  a totally different girl than the quiet, exhausted child we brought home.  Away from home she is still very quiet and clingy. At home she is a little Tigger.  She is talking, laughing and singing.  She goes skipping and hopping through the house…and our hearts!  She was helping her big brother put wash in the dryer and I said to her, “Julie, are you helping Benji?” She folded her hands in front, smiled a big smile and gave 3 hops! She loves to play with little dishes and dolls. Also going outside is something she wants to do every day but is still abit leary of the dog and cats.  Nothing is as much fun as jumping on the bed! There are still some tantrums but much shorter and less frequent.  All in all I would say there has been a lot of progress and she is making herself right at home!