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Making Progress

Posted on by Sheri
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By now Julie is relaxing a bit and eating again and smiling.  I still have not had the oppurtunity to hear her talk but last night after she was in bed with her new big sister, the new big sister came bounding down the stairs saying, “Julie is whispering and talking!” She was saying, “quack, quack.” Daddy and Mommy quietly tiptoed up and stood by the door listening but no more sounds from her.  Today she had a book and it sounded like she was pretending to read but I was out grilling chicken and missed that one too.  But at least she is smiling, eating and generally feeling alot better. And the house is not in quite such an uproar anymore either. We’re having fun!


  1. Anne

    Hi! I am sooo glad to hear you are home with Julie and that she is relaxing and you’re all having fun! I would so love to see her, but I’m sure she’s a beauty as those children are! Take care and have fun!! Love, Anne

  2. Katy

    That is awesome Julie!!I wish our girls could see each other….don’t worry, she will soon explode with language….thrilled for you! What a rough journey since the earthquake and before….but now our miracles are HOME! I need some photos…=)

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