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Renewed Hope

Posted on by Sheri
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Today we listened to a 2 hour telephone conference for parents adopting from Haiti given by a number of different government departments all working to get these children home.  They say the Haitian president is completely in favor of these children coming home if their adoptions were already started before the quake.  They do not expect this to last long about not issuing travel documents.  They say people are working around the clock trying to get everything organized to bring the rest of the children home.  About 500 have already come to the US and about 200 more to go.  So the question is not IF but WHEN.  They clarified that all rumors about putting a stop to letting these children come home is NOT TRUE!  When we talked to the congressman in Florida working on our particular case this morning he still thinks Julie may be home before the weekend!  We also filled out paperwork today to say that we will sponsor her to give at the airport so she will not be placed in a child care facility.  That included making copies of our latest tax returns.   And we took good naps.  How wearying this all has been on mind and body.  But now it is just waiting, no more worries about IF.  We have so much to be thankful for that Julie is safe and fed, because we realize not all adoptive parents awaiting their children were not so blessed.

Our orphanage director couldn’t get a flight to Haiti til midnight tonight.  Hopefully she can make it to the Embassy tomorrow as they are still issuing Visas and then when the travel documents are being issued again everything would be ready to go.

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