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One Step Closer…

Posted on by Sheri
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This morning the Senator’s aide called and told us she had an email from the State Dept. that our paperwork was processed!  So that would have been great news if things were still like they were a week ago.  Julie would have soon been on a plane and we would be flying to meet her.  But now the Haitian government wants to sign off  on everyone before they will let them fly and no one knows how many days that will be.  We called Melinda (this means dialing about 15 times) and she was very glad to have the news.  Then we heard that the Canadian children were flying into Ottawa on Saturday so we got all excited to hear things were moving only to go crashing down on our roller coaster ride when we realized that only the USA has accepted this plan with the Haitian government.  The other countries are still flying their children home.  Melinda is planning to go to the Embassy again tomorrow to see if she can find out anything more.  If they want the 3  children there she will have someone bring them on the pickup.  All these precautions are because of the fears certain organizations have raised concerning children being smuggled out of the country.  Doesn’t make sense to me that once the paperwork is approved they still have to stay in Haiti.  Make any sense to any of you?

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