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Oh Dear, What Next??

Posted on by Sheri
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Today has been another roller coaster ride! The morning started out
exciting with our Orphanage director, Melinda, planning to go back to
Haiti on Tuesday and begin working heavily on getting Julie and 2 other
children to the USA. Our Senator’s aide also talked with us and said she
was still trying to get our case going and we should let her know of
anything new. Melinda also told us the Congressman in Florida is working
very hard on this case and our Senator’s aide was going to get in touch
with him and perhaps work together on this. He wants to work with the
state department in Washington, D.C. to expedite the process for these
three children. Then in the afternoon we became aware that the President
of Haiti now wants to review each case. If we understand it right, the
Embassy will continue to review cases and issue Visas but no travel
documents will be issued until permission from the Haitian President. We
believe a certain organization is raising fears of child trafficking
though there has been no evidence of child trafficking. We have no idea
how long this will add to the process.
So, though this is an update we are asking God to step in and remove
mountains…not only for us with Julie but there are still many anxious
parents and children left in Haiti that need to be in homes where they
will get more love and care. We know many of you have already been
praying for us and Julie and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The strange thing is that we both feel quite calm about this new
mountain now that we have settled down from the panic when we first
heard it. We want God’s will to be done and we know that prayer is powerful.

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