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Going crazy, and to Florida!!

Posted on by Sheri
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Once again we are waiting, but we decided to do some of our waiting in Florida!! 
Yesterday our hopes got up, since they flew the first plane of children out of Haiti since last week.  Julie’s name was not on the first list of children to fly, and were hoping that she would fly shortly on the next flight, then found out that the embassy didn’t have the background criminal checks (which had been sent in Jan 18).  So we all sent this information in to all the government email addresses having to do with the Haitian adoption process, also we contacted our Senator’s Aide and she sent it to 3 places also, so we hope they have it now!!!!  Now this morning we talked to Melinda twice, and she was told at the embassy that the Prime Minister left for the weekend so they didn’t expect anything to happen till Monday, and she could return to the US Embassy with the children on Monday.  She told us that the three children are soooo tired, so she will leave them at the orphanage on Sunday, and she will go to the embassy to see if there is any news, and then return with the children on Monday.  She said that as far as the lady at the embassy could tell, our Julie was to be on the next flight out of Haiti.  But of course, we realize that it may not happen on Monday, but we are planning to go to Sarasota, FL, and spend some time with my (Jason’s) folks and be closer to whichever airport they fly into.  We usually find news from Melinda about noon to 2:00 and that would be very short notice to get a flight to Florida the same day, so we decided to fly Sunday to Florida.  We might be crazy, but there is a reason!!
Keep praying, it’s not an easy job to get a child home from Haiti…


  1. Julie

    Maybe we will meet with our children in our arms! That would be cool. Safe travels. Julie

  2. Gerry Toews

    Getting real curious….. hopefully things are working out for you and you have Julie in your arms soon (if not already)!! Have a good day… Love Gerry

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