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A Perfect Match

Posted on by Sheri
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Finally my worries and the lack of info from Haiti got the better of me so I called my cousin, a missionary in Haiti and asked them to check on our little Julie. So he called today and said he and his wife had held her. He said she was a perfect match for our family because she looks like ME! And has dimples like my husband, I must add!  And a Chatterbox like our “cookie baker son”. She has plenty to eat and though she is sleeping in a tent is doing fine. Our director came to the USA on urgent business and will be back in Haiti Tuesday to continue the paperwork. So my heart is eased to here Julie is fine and we will TRY to patiently wait for her home coming…hopefully within the next week.


  1. becky giesbrecht

    Hi, Sherri

    So glad to hear that Julie is fine! I know the waiting must be so hard. Praying that you get her home soon!~!~! I keep checking your site everyday for more news.

    Love, Becky Giesbrecht (Isaac)

  2. becky giesbrecht

    happy for you

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