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He’s Here…well longer…

Posted on by Sheri
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It is SOOO cold in Kansas!!! The crackling fire is just not keeping us warm—unless, of course, if we’re sitting right in front of it.  But not alot of work gets done that way.  Mr. Snowman is surviving longer than expected, only now he has truly lost his head…boo hoo! The Christmas goodies are being made. Yummy! And folks’ last minute cheese orders are being readied for shipping. In a few days the children will be home from school.


  1. Rebecca from IA

    Where’s the place for REVIEWS??!! Because we think it’s absolutely the best cheese there is. When the cheese is on the table, it’s common to hear from the young
    mouths,”Is this Jason’s cheese?” Keep up the good work!!!…and we can’t wait till there’s a new little Wiebe!!!

  2. Sheri

    Thanks for the compliment! Keep eating!

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