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A New Way to Play Chess??!

Posted on by Sheri
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The 2 youngest of our children were playing chess on the squares of our tile kitchen floor. It has dark brown and lighter tan squares.  Our 9 yr. old son was a Knight and our 6 yr. old dau. was a Queen and they put their dad into King Check. I missed out on the show but Daddy said it looked hilarious the way they were jumping around from square to square with their hands behind their backs.  You really don’t need to go to the zoo when you have children…the zoo comes to you.

And the MUD is drying up!!

And no news on the adoption front except that other families are moving on so that is a hopeful thing for us to hear! We sent Julie’s Christmas present on its way. Hope it arrives safe and sound.  And we will keep hoping and praying with all our hearts to hear good news SOON!

Keep eating cheese…if you have never tried our cheese, the time to try it is NOW!

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