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Fall, What a Lovely Season!

Posted on by Sheri
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I am just really enjoying the beautiful colors of fall…all the colorful leaves and grasses and now we see the lush, green, newly sprouted wheat fields.  The children have been memorizing poems for a Poem Fest at School.  It will be Friday night with Parents and Grandparents invited to hear their talents.  And an added bonus of Hot Chocolate and snacks served afterward.

Jason made a batch of Colby Cheese yesterday and was thrilled with the yield.  When the fat and protein levels are high in the milk we get more cheese out of the same amount of milk.  This cheese will be in the press til Friday when the crew comes to help cut and package.

Sunday morning Jason got to Church late.  He went to take care of the one new calf that had been born during the night and found 3! That takes some time to give them the special care they need.

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  1. William

    Great post. Fun to read about what’s happening at your place. I look forward to more.

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