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Our small town of Durham is just getting over the worst flood that I have witnessed in my lifetime. (I’m 37.) 

I left with a load of cheese for Kansas City on Wednesday the 23rd of April at about 9:30 AM and within ten miles of home drove thru pouring rain.  On my return trip I drove thru heavy rain in the same area.  The river was over the bridge by our house, but we usually can get home other ways.  However they were all flooded too.  After waiting about an hour I got thru to within a mile from home. 

Then I called home and had my hired man come thru the water with our loader so I could go home.  After doing a few chores I went back to Durham and helped prepare for flooding.  Only one street close to the river is low enough to flood.   With all the help that showed up and sandbagging and moving things to higher shelves there was very little damage although there were several feet of water on main street. 

Our dairy farm is high enough we don’t have to worry about flooding here, but I was glad that by next morning milking time things had returned to pretty much normal and the milker was able to get here to milk in the morning, because on a dairy farm the COWS MUST BE MILKED…


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  1. Stephanie


    Thank you for stopping by to say hi! I pray your little Julie is home very soon. God bless!

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