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Back from vacation

Posted on by Jason
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We are back from Christmas vacation in Canada with Sheri’s folks and family. We enjoyed our time with them very much, we hadn’t seen Sheri’s folks for two years, so we had a little “catching up” to do.

Now we are home again and getting back in the groove. We are low on cheese in our cooler right now, and we have 8 orders to fill, which is about 1250 lbs total, so we need to make cheese… keep eating Kansas cheese!!

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  1. Josh Martin

    Hello Mr Wiebe, I was diggin through old yeller the last time i was home and looked behind the seat, and I seen your rain jacket from the barn, I guess it has been behind the seat for this long, I was going to bring it with me this time around so i could bring it to you on my way to nebraska but i kinda forgot it. sorry. how are the boys? Ive tryed emailing you through your website a couple of times but you either are not recieving them or your just neglecting to write back. my email is josh_martin74330@yahoo.com.. It looks like the cheese buisness is doing good. thats really good to hear, I will be working near el dorado in a month or two for a couple of weeks, maybe we can get together on one of those weekends and eat pizza or something. ha ha ha. Oh and Im sorry for telling you i was coming to see you and never made it. i ended up having to go to work that day, so that kinda messed things up, i should have called i suppose. I guess I better stop rambling on and on. but write me back or your more than welcome to call me sometime, my phone number is 918-946-3877

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