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Christmas Greetings

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Christmas greetings from Jason Wiebe Dairy. We are very happy to have electricity after being out of it for 6 days after the ice storm on Dec 11.

We lost electricity at about 7:00 am Tuesday, but we were ready with our backup generator on our tractor so we used that to keep milking cows. On Sunday our generator needed some repairs so I contacted our local equipment dealer for some parts and he opened his store twice for me on Sunday to get repair parts for the generator, which I fixed after we had a church service in our school building (our school building was powered by a Honda generator which was loaned to us to use).

Then on Monday morning our generator gave out and I called around to find a place to fix it, but no luck, all repair places around were completely booked for weeks fixing generators. Then I heard our local electric company truck was in the area and so I tracked him down and talked to him. He thought we had power already so he said he would soon come and talk to me at our place. I went home and in about 20 minutes our power came on (Monday 1:07 pm). He had found a blown fuse on the line which couldn’t easily be seen and fixed it.

Now I am taking our generator in to get fixed so next time we lose power we are ready.

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