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I would like to just briefly introduce myself. Aaron Herbel is my name, and I’ve worked here at Jason Wiebe Dairy since September 2007 (Almost 5 years ago… Wow! Time flies when you are having fun). Anyways, I guess my official title here would be Assistant Cheese Maker, and if it has something to do with the cheese plant here, I have at least helped with it. I manage our inventory and the packaging operation in addition to helping Jason make out tasty cheeses. Or I even find myself milking the cows from time to time, although I am more at home in the cheese plant. Well, now you know a little more about me and maybe you will get to hear more about what I am doing as time goes on.

Cows Grazing on Pasture Again (First Time in 2012)

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Today was a beautiful, warm day in the mid 70’s, and the pasture had grown enough to start grazing again.  It looked really good to see the cows out on the green pasture again.  Hopefully we’ll have enough rain to keep things growing and hopefully not have a repeat of the drought of last year.  Our cheese sales are good, and the new cheese we’ve been selling since last summer (Cottonwood River Cheddar) is increasing in sales  with lots of good reviews.  Another interesting point is that our Raw Milk Cheese has become our best selling cheese.

Second time over the Triticale

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Yesterday we started the second time over on the 60 acres of triticale that we have for them to graze.  It had regrown just enough that they have some very tasty eating…

Grazing All Our Cows

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We are grazing ALL our milk cows starting yesterday.  We don’t know how long that we’ll be able to graze as the weather is getting cooler and the crop grows very slow.  It will go dormant sometime when the weather gets cold enough, and then we won’t have any thing to graze our cows on so we will go back to giving them all they can eat of a mixed forage and grain diet.  We always try to feed as much forage (alfalfa hay and corn silage) as we can, to keep the cows very healthy.

You’ve Been With Us One Year, Baby!

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Well, she doesn’t like to be called Baby, but, she IS the baby of the family!  And the way 3 year olds are…sometimes they are BIG and can do it MYSELF and sometimes the are too small to do what you want them to do.  And they still like to be rocked and carried around on Mommy’s hip.

1 year ago we went to Miami and met our little Haitian baby for the first time.  We loved her but had almost no idea what she was really like.  We know alot more by now.  She loves to sing and has learned a dozen songs since she’s home.  She loves to talk but acts like she absolutely has forgotten every word of Creole. It’s totally amazing how many English words she has learned.  She loves to eat, especially what she calls “sandwiches” which is a piece of bread cut in half with butter in the middle. She’s sassy and bossy and noisy and… She’s a sweet heart.  One year has flown by and we look forward to another year with her with joy!

She’s Really and Truly Ours!

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Today was a special day…one we have been awaiting for quite some time.  The Final Adoption of our little Julie from Haiti.  The court session was at 1:15 with quite a number of our faithful friends and relations attending.  We thank each one of them for sharing in our special time.  Even though Julie has been with us for 7 months there is something very special about knowing she is now a “Wiebe“!  Celebrated the occasion with stopping at The Scoop for ice cream before taking our other 3 children back to school.  Tomorrow for supper Grandpa and Grandma and some of the Uncles and Aunts and cousins will join us for supper in celebration.


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August 23 our first born son had his 13th birthday.  He’s at that age where a bottle of cologne and a bunch of books makes him happy!

No More Hayshed!

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This post is a bit overdue.  A week ago Saturday morning at 2:00 A.M. Jason made a trip to the bathroom and on returning to the bedroom he noticed a rosy glow outside the window.  Upon open the curtains he exclaimed, “Oh, my goodness, the hay shed is on fire!!!”  And so it was. Totally engulfed in flames.  We called the fire department but just let the fire burn. Lost about 100 round bales, some alfalfa and some hay.  The hay is the greater loss as far as the bales and hay shed are concerned.  Many friends arrived to stand around in the night with us as we listened to the crackling of the fire.  Luckily there was almost no breeze that night so there was not much as far as embers blowing around.  It was really smoky in the house and worse in the milking parlor for a number of days.  That’s a little more excitement than most of us wish for!

It’s Been 6 Months!

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Julie has been home from Haiti for 6 months now!  I can’t believe it…it just doesn’t seem that long! There has been lots of progress…lots of new things learned.  Her language skills are just exploding! We get our chuckles out of her sentences…”I love to wear barefoot” and ” I’m gonna need more ketchup”.  Some are still half English and half Creole.  She is riding her bike with training wheels.  6 months ago she had absolutely no concept of how to pedal.  Her favorite food is Ranch dressing! And in the order of her day a popsicle always needs to  follow a nap.  She still isn’t sitting very nice in Church. She loves jumping off the coffee table. The relationship she has with our 7 year old daughter is a beauty to behold!  We have another appointment scheduled with the adoption lawyer this week.  Hopefully the adoption process will soon be completed.  We managed to get a travel document and traveled to Canada to visit relatives for 10 days.  Julie did very good with the 14 hour drive.  We had brought ear plugs along in case she’d be screaming.  She really enjoyed playing with the earplugs and sticking them in her own ears.  Kept her busy quite a while until she started eating them…that’s when Mommy intervened.  She also made quite a few calls on her play cell phone.  We stopped for lunch in Nebraska at her little friend Conleigh’s house.  They were in the same Orphanage and came to Miami together on the plane.  They played nicely together.  3-year olds are FUN!

Happy Birthday Julie!

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She’s three today!  Made a Sunshine Bear cake for her.  Grandpa and Grandma Wiebe and some of the aunts and uncles and cousins will come celebrate with us.  We bought her a new red wagon!  Julie’s taking her nap now so should be nice and cheerful for tonight.  When the nurse at the clinic today asked her how old she was she said, “Seven.”