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NON-GMO feed for our dairy?

Posted on by Jason
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Currently some of our feed is GMO.  We are considering going GMO free, but the cost will be significant, and our cheese price would need to go up possibly  $0.75 to $1 per lb.  Please leave comments or email us directly if you would feel that would be worth it to you, our customers.  Also let us know if you are a current customer, or would you be a customer if we didn’t feed any feed that contained GMO’s.


  1. Steve Hoffman

    Please don’t be afraid of GMO technology and don’t make others afraid of it. Accept the benefits and proudly state that you do so to make a better product for your customers.

  2. Charlene Costaris

    Just became aware of you after buying your Cottonwood River cheddar at Urban Farms in Jacksonville, Fl. Excellent cheese.
    Just want to say that I agree completely with the comment made by Steve Hoffman on Sept. 18. There’s no reason to avoid GMO crops. It’s one of those anxieties that gets promoted out of ignorance and fear of the unknown. If you look into it, you learn that GMO crops are of great benefit.

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