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We found out after 2 days in lineups at the Embassy the director of our Orphanage which is called Haiti Children’s Home was told to leave and come back Jan. 30 for an appointment. Later we were told it was because her orphanage was not in critical condition.

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Life has been a whirlwind the last couple days with sending adoption info to different web sights and checking emails for updates.  We are so thankful that Humanitarian Parole is being granted to orphans that have families working on adoptions. That includes us and we are waiting for a call that our little Julie is on her way home. Supposedly the director from our orphanage has spent the last 2 days in line ups at the Embassy in Haiti trying to get Visas for several children incl. ours. These line ups are not the most orderly or safest places to be and we pray for her safety and sucess in obtaining the neccessary documents to travel to the USA.

Come home, Baby! We are waiting for you!

Maybe tomorrow we’ll hear the good news!


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I would beg all parents adopting from Haiti to get in contact with your state senators to help get our children home from Haiti on Humanitarian Visas.

The Orphanages that are still standing and functional will be needed for more children coming in.

About half of the Haitian population is children.  Pray for the children of Haiti….

We are still waiting for more info on bringing our little Julie home….

Haiti Adoption Update

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Today I talked with the an aide of Senator Sam Brownback about the possibility of the adoption of our girl in Haiti happening quicker because of the tragic earthquake in Haiti.  The aid told me that if our paperwork was through the IBESR, we would have our girl (to be) home in a few days.  But we have never heard yet that we are out of IBESR, and the aid could not tell me how soon it would be till we would get her home, but she was sure that it would be quicker than usual.  (it usually takes about 4 months if all goes well, after exiting IBESR, to having your child home)  The aid thought that she would have more information for us tomorrow.  She did take down the name and birthdate of my wife and I and also our girl (to be) in Haiti.

Earthquake In Haiti

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Today we got the sad news of a terrible earthquake in Haiti!  We also received the welcome news that our little girl over there in the orphanage in Mirebalais is O.K.  A mason was supposed to come and check the building for structural damage before allowing the children to enter the house.  Our hearts go out to all the people of Haiti as, no doubt, there will be much suffering and devastation.